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Making Parts Last Longer

It can be very frustrating when a car part wears out. It can happen with even the best made cars on the market, but this is a common issue when it comes to all types of machinery. However, that’s not to say that there is no one out there trying to come up with a solution.

One way to make parts last longer is with a procedure called shot peening. This is a finishing process for use on parts made of metal. One of the reasons that such parts fail is that metal fatigue and corrosion weaken them to the point where they wear out early. Shot peening helps to prevent these occurrences, allowing for parts that last longer and reduce the amount of time and money that manufacturers must spend on that part of their manufacturing. The end goal of the process is to have comprehensive stress replace tensile stress. That makes for a superior overall part that can better stand up to expectations of durability and longevity.

Located in the same facility with its affiliate company, Plastico Industries, Latem Industries is recognized as one of Canada’s finest mass finishing organizations. Latem shot peening is used on millions of parts each year and metal finishing by Latem is a solid guarantee that parts will perform their designed function for longer.

In business for over 40 years, Latem has a reputation for delivering quality work with a very fast turnaround time. If you are interested in using their services to extend the life of your machine parts, the company offers free quotes. For best results, be prepared to supply them with particulars like the volume used annually; size, weight, and dimensions; the number of pieces in a shipment; whether there is rust, oil or any other impurity that must be removed; and how these parts will ultimately be used.

metal finishing

Essential Qualities of Highly Successful Writers

Whether you write professionally or simply for fun, you probably want to be as efficient and productive as possible. Of course, there is also the question of quality: quantity may be the sole goal in some pursuits, but writers hope to deliver on both the quality and quantity fronts.  Here are some qualities of highly successful writers.

Time Management

You can have the greatest idea in the world and all of the inspiration you need to turn it into magnificent content…but you just can’t concentrate because of all the people making noise. And you can’t think because of that other deadline that is coming up. And now you have to rush because you have a doctor’s appointment at 3:30…

Just as with any pursuit, writers need to plan their day in order to make sure their work time is as free from distractions as possible. That also includes setting boundaries with family and friends. That may sound cruel, but it is a necessary evil.

Read Regularly

Some writers intentionally mimic other scribes’ styles. That is not especially admirable, but acceptable as long as you are also not copying their work. By read regularly, we mean reading to keep you informed. Know what is being talked about, know the key facts, know what people are interested in reading about. Reading will also teach you new words and new contexts for ones you already use.

Setting Goals

This can be a great motivator if used properly. Make sure your initial goals are easily attainable as they will provide you with the confidence to tackle new and more difficult ones.

Choose the Write, er, Right Workspace

Where you work can make a huge difference. Are you the type of person who needs absolute quiet or do you do well in bustling environments, like coffee shops? Find the spot that works best for you and work there as often as possible.

Here are some more tips to keep in mind:

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How to Deal With Frost on Your Windshield This Winter

Another Canadian winter is coming and, alas, there is no way to stop it (though you could always fly south for the next few months). That means bitter cold, ice, and plenty of snow. It also means that regular annoyance of frost on your car windshield. There is nothing more exasperating than being late for work on a winter’s morning and having to hurriedly scrape away at the frost covering the windshield. Is there a faster and more effective way to increase your driving visibility? You bet!

Warm Water

Applying some warm water to the windshield can really help. However, this method has a couple of drawbacks. If the temperature is very low, frost could reform almost as fast as you take it away. Also, make sure that the water is not hot because applying it to a frozen windshield could cause the glass to crack.


Simply mix some rubbing alcohol with water and a few drops of dish soap into a spray bottle and carry that in the car with you (don’t worry, it won’t freeze). Not feeling very ambitious? You can also buy de-icer products at hardware stores, car supply outlets, and superstores. Applying either of these to the glass before scraping makes the process a lot easier and quicker.

Preventing Frost

In addition to these methods, you can take some basic preventative steps that will prevent frost from being a problem in the first place:

  • If you have a garage, make sure to put your car inside whenever possible. That includes daylight hours.
  • If you don’t have a garage, there is still the option of putting a cover over the windows. This must be done before any dew, rain, or ice is on the glass. The windshield cover can be held in place by your wiper blades.
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How to Get Ready for Your Doctor’s Appointment

Do you enjoy going to the doctor? They might be a few who do, and a handful who are mostly ambivalent about it. However, for most of us, a visit to the doctor indicates that we are out of sorts, and who enjoys that? Some people so dislike a trip to the doctor that they flat out refuse to go, even when it is clearly in their best interests to do so.

OK, you need to go to the doctor and you have decided to do it. Chances are you will only get about 10-15 minutes for your appointment, so it is a good idea to prepare beforehand.

Here are some ways in which you can prepare in advance for an appointment and maximize its effectiveness.

Make a List of What is Wrong

If you are feeling bad, it can be difficult to think and express yourself clearly. Thus, it’s a good idea to prepare a list of your symptoms to take with you. Write down everything you can think of, along with approximate dates and times. Be as thorough as possible—if you’re not careful, you could end up leaving off something important that could influence the treatment approach your doctor takes.

Don’t Forget Pre-Appointment Tests

Sometimes doctors will ask patients to have certain tests performed before they come in for the appointment. These can help provide clues that determine their course of action. Make sure to also have them done when the doctor says so. This provides enough time for the results to arrive at the office.

Do Some Research

Ultimately, it is your doctor who has the background to determine just what is ailing you. However, you can also do some research on your own before coming in. That can provide some idea of what could be the issue. Be warned, however, that there is a lot of inaccurate information out there, so don’t take your own findings as the final word.

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This is Your Brain on Music

Have you ever known anyone who was really passionate about music? We’re sure you have because music is one of the most widely beloved forms of entertainment in the world. Many people consider music to be a very important part of their life, and some have even built a career out of composing and/or performing it.

Have you ever thought about how music affects your brain? Sure, we feel great listening to our favorite songs, but is there more going on upstairs than just that? Can music do more for us than just provide a good time? Yes!

Music Makes You Feel and Work Better

Upbeat and energetic music can make you not only feel better, but accomplish more. Your favorite tunes can also reduce your stress level, which contributes to greater overall happiness and possibly even superior work than your normal caliber.

Greater Learning

Some people need absolute quiet while learning new things, while others do better when listening to music. Fast music is great when you are exercising or doing energetic work, but slow, low volume music works best when you are trying to acquire new skills. If you usually need total silence when working, try some music instead. You might find that you achieve greater retention.

Playing Music Improves Your Motor and Reasoning Skills

Learning to play an instrument can really enhance your brain functions, with the side advantage of making you better at other subjects as well. It can also be great for giving you above average motor and reasoning skills.

Superior Calorie Burning and Muscle Building

We mentioned how fast music can make physical work more effective. The same goes for exercise as the beat can help you attain and maintain an effective rhythm that will allow you to meet your calorie and muscle mass goals that much faster.

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Walking: Simple and Important

“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.”
— Steven Wright

Chances are you have heard about the beneficial aspects of walking. In fact, we would wager that everyone has as doctors and other members of the health community have been touting its benefits for years now.

While everyone enjoys taking a well-earned rest each day, the evidence is indisputable: human beings have become far too sedentary for their own good. This problem has been heightened in recent years, thanks to the prevalence of computers and other forms of entertainment that do not require anything more than the most basic movement. No matter what your job or the current state of your life, it is imperative that you get up and move around at numerous points in the day. The general consensus is that human beings require 30 minutes of reasonably vigorous exercise a day to help maintain their health.

Many of us lead busy lives which leaves very little time for things outside of work, family, and regular responsibilities. That can cause exercise to be pushed off to the side or even completely over the side. Also, some people cannot afford gym memberships and even when they do have them, do not use the membership enough to justify the cost.

The nice thing about walking is that all it requires is a pair of good quality shoes. If you live in a nice area, walking can be a particular pleasure as it gets you out into the sunshine and provides a way for you to spend time with neighbors and friends. It is generally only an issue when cold weather and snow can make walking inconvenient or impossible. In those instances, you would require an indoor walking track or a treadmill. However, some creative people have found alternate solutions, such as walking up and down their apartment building’s staircase.

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Why is Halloween So Popular?

People in the West have been celebrating Halloween for ages and it seems to be more popular than ever. Now, it is easy to understand why October 31st is so popular with the children because anything that involves dressing up and getting free candy will undoubtedly find favour with the small set. But many adults also seem to look forward to Halloween and many of them have a very good time on the day. Why is that?


Most everyone enjoys a party, and Halloween provides an excuse to have particularly wild and inventive ones. Costume parties are always popular and Halloween and encourages us to choose ones that either tend to involve elements of horror, such as ghosts, vampires, or serial killers, or ones that are particularly sexy. While horror and sex are often linked together in literature and movies, the connection as far as Halloween costumes go seems to be little beyond standing out and getting people’s attention in the wildest way possible.

Showing off your dark side

We all have dark sites that we tend to keep hidden away as much as possible. Halloween allows us to adopt a dark and evil persona that does not necessarily have to reflect who we really are. Regardless, it is one way for us to take the dark side and put it on the outside…for one night anyway.

We can playfully indulge in fear

Are you one of those people who just cannot understand why people like to get scared on rollercoasters? Well, then Halloween might not be for you. October 31st provides an excuse for us to fill our homes and our lives with images of fear that, while not necessarily terrifying, does evoke a certain atmosphere of terror. Embracing it in this simple way makes it good, harmless fun.

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How to Ace a Business Meeting

Most every business meeting is an important event when it comes to both the reputation and prosperity of the company. However, not every employee takes them as seriously as they should. There is a definite amount of preparation involved and, if you are in charge of the meeting, you must possess the ability to keep everything moving along smoothly.

Here are some tips that can help make the whole meeting procedure go more effectively:

Be prepared

Do not to show up for a meeting without having done your homework. You need to know everything that is on the agenda, while also preparing for your part in the discussion. Think about any possible questions that might be asked of you and prepare answers in advance. If you are running the meeting, be clear on everything you need to cover, who will be speaking, how much time they have to speak, and the total length of the meeting. Keep your eye on the clock and try to stay on schedule. If someone is going over time, politely interrupt them and remind the person of the need to tackle everything on the agenda in the time available.

Get your point across clearly

When it comes time for you to speak, do not ramble. Get to the point of what you have to say and be as specific as possible. Also try to answer questions quickly and concisely.

Take notes

If the meeting is not being recorded, it is up to you to take detailed notes and to keep up with what is being said.


Many meetings are about developing action plans. Make sure that you know your part in the plan, the exact particulars of what you will be required to do, and the date on which this task needs to be completed.

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How to Cope With Anxiety

Anxiety can be a very normal part of life. After all, who doesn’t feel anxious at a job interview or when on the altar and about to say, “I do.” However, some people suffer from abnormally high amounts of anxiety that adversely effect their ability to function in life. Things that you and I take for granted can cause considerable concern for people with anxiety disorder. These individuals can also spend great periods of time agonizing about what has happened in their lives and also what could happen, even when there is no obvious, logical reason for them to worry.

If you suffer from anxiety, here are some things that can help make things a bit better:


This helps to keep you fit, while also generating dopamine, the feel good brain chemical, which can help to make you more relaxed.

Cut Back on Alcohol

This may seem to relax you in the short term, but it is a depressant and can actually lead to more anxiety.

Beware of Triggering Situations and People

Think about the situations and individuals who make your anxiety worse. Do your best to limit your exposure or avoid them altogether.

Eat Properly

It can be very tempting to indulge in comfort foods, but the high amounts of sugar and caffeine will just increase your anxiety level.

Take Deep Breaths

It sounds like nothing, but closing your eyes and taking slow, deep breaths can be a very effective way to relax.

Call a Friend

Do you have a friend or family member you feel comfortable with? If so, call or visit with them.

See a Therapist

If you have not already, make an appointment. Therapists can help you to come up with a treatment plan to make your life easier. They may also recommend certain lifestyle changes or medications that will aid you in restoring balance.

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Fire Safety Tips

Everyone wants a safe home, but not all of us take the time to ensure that this is the case. One of the most dangerous issues is fire. There is no way to ensure that there is zero possibility of fire, but you can definitely reduce the chances by following these fire safety tips:

Smoke Alarms

Make sure that you have smoke alarms installed on every level of your home, including the attic and basement. Check them once a month to ensure they are in working order.

Fire Escape Plan

Work out a fire escape plan and make sure that everyone in your home knows it. The plan should include which exits to use, checks to ensure that everyone is out of the house, and other components specific to the type of structure you have. Practice the plan every few months and make changes as needed.

Check Holiday Decorations

Any holiday decorations that involve the use of lights or candles are potential fire hazards. Make sure that lights are in working order before using them and do not leave candles unattended.

Do Not Leave Cooking Unattended

It is important to keep an eye on your stove at all times. While cooking, stay in the kitchen. If you must leave, even for a brief period, turn off the element.

Smoking Safety

If you must smoke, only do so outside. Never ever smoke in bed or near oxygen containers. Make sure all butts are thoroughly extinguished (use water). E-cigarettes also have some safety hazards, such as faulty batteries that catch fire during charging.

Clothes Dryer Lint

The lint that comes off of your clothes in the dryer can be extremely flammable. Empty the lint trap after every cycle and periodically clean your exhaust vent pipe at least once a year, if not more.