metal finishing

Making Parts Last Longer

It can be very frustrating when a car part wears out. It can happen with even the best made cars on the market, but this is a common issue when it comes to all types of machinery. However, that’s not to say that there is no one out there trying to come up with a solution.

One way to make parts last longer is with a procedure called shot peening. This is a finishing process for use on parts made of metal. One of the reasons that such parts fail is that metal fatigue and corrosion weaken them to the point where they wear out early. Shot peening helps to prevent these occurrences, allowing for parts that last longer and reduce the amount of time and money that manufacturers must spend on that part of their manufacturing. The end goal of the process is to have comprehensive stress replace tensile stress. That makes for a superior overall part that can better stand up to expectations of durability and longevity.

Located in the same facility with its affiliate company, Plastico Industries, Latem Industries is recognized as one of Canada’s finest mass finishing organizations. Latem shot peening is used on millions of parts each year and metal finishing by Latem is a solid guarantee that parts will perform their designed function for longer.

In business for over 40 years, Latem has a reputation for delivering quality work with a very fast turnaround time. If you are interested in using their services to extend the life of your machine parts, the company offers free quotes. For best results, be prepared to supply them with particulars like the volume used annually; size, weight, and dimensions; the number of pieces in a shipment; whether there is rust, oil or any other impurity that must be removed; and how these parts will ultimately be used.

metal finishing

Hiring Process Made Easy Using Hiring Assessments

Hiring process is one challenging work not just for the applicants but also for the employers or in charge personnel on hiring process. It is not easy if you use the traditional process of hiring. The process will take so much of your time and can result to stress that make your judgement not reliable. It will tend to hire a wrong applicant and missed out the best match for the job. The traditional hiring process usually get to evaluate the education experience and passion of the applicants. You don’t get to analyze their attitude and behavior during workplace. Plum’s algorithm help you determine and choose fast the right candidate for the job.

plumNot all applicants with good resumes are fit for your company to work. The skills are more important factor plus the behavior and attitude in the workplace. You only get to know it by the use of pre employment assessments – Plum. The applicants are prompted to take the pre-employment test as part of the application process. Plum’s algorithm put together the results from both surveys. It gives each applicant a match Score and creating an instant shortlist. It will eliminate applicants that is not qualified.

All the results for each applicants during the hiring assessment, each data predicts the quality of hire to guarantee you that who you hired executes as expected. The hiring manager can be confident enough that the applicant he/she choose is fit to do the job. It is because of Plum’s easy hiring assessments. This algorithm works on employees that match them up based on objective, evidence based data that comes from pre-employment screening assessment. The system encourages each company to make it part of their business to help them out and minimize the future problem that can occur if they hire wrong the person. The results of using the algorithm are having engaged employees, increased productivity and reduced turnover time.