Fire Safety Tips

Everyone wants a safe home, but not all of us take the time to ensure that this is the case. One of the most dangerous issues is fire. There is no way to ensure that there is zero possibility of fire, but you can definitely reduce the chances by following these fire safety tips:

Smoke Alarms

Make sure that you have smoke alarms installed on every level of your home, including the attic and basement. Check them once a month to ensure they are in working order.

Fire Escape Plan

Work out a fire escape plan and make sure that everyone in your home knows it. The plan should include which exits to use, checks to ensure that everyone is out of the house, and other components specific to the type of structure you have. Practice the plan every few months and make changes as needed.

Check Holiday Decorations

Any holiday decorations that involve the use of lights or candles are potential fire hazards. Make sure that lights are in working order before using them and do not leave candles unattended.

Do Not Leave Cooking Unattended

It is important to keep an eye on your stove at all times. While cooking, stay in the kitchen. If you must leave, even for a brief period, turn off the element.

Smoking Safety

If you must smoke, only do so outside. Never ever smoke in bed or near oxygen containers. Make sure all butts are thoroughly extinguished (use water). E-cigarettes also have some safety hazards, such as faulty batteries that catch fire during charging.

Clothes Dryer Lint

The lint that comes off of your clothes in the dryer can be extremely flammable. Empty the lint trap after every cycle and periodically clean your exhaust vent pipe at least once a year, if not more.