How to Relax

It seems like many of us are going non-stop these days. Between the responsibilities of work, family, and any outside interests we have, there is little time left to sit back and smell the roses. While it is important to get things done, it is even more urgent to take care of yourself. Our bodies and minds were not meant to be going at full speed for hours on end. I’m sure you have noticed at work that the quality of your output declines as the hours pass. It is normal – and necessary – to take the occasional break to relax and re-charge.

Having trouble calming down and restoring that sense of inner balance? Try any one of these suggestions:

Avoid Caffeine

Coffee and sports drinks have become the go-to means of revitalizing ourselves. Unfortunately, the positive effects of caffeine do not last and it can be quite hard on your heart. Try drinking green tea instead; it contains little or no caffeine and is much better for you.


People are hesitant to try meditation because it seems difficult: “What if I don’t do it right?” There is no right way or wrong way to meditate, just the version that is effective for you. Find a place that is quiet and concentrate on your breathing. Even if you only do it for five minutes, it can make a real difference.

Spend Time Alone

Many of us deal with other people from morning until night, never getting some effective down time. Try and arrange your day so that you can have some me-time all by your lonesome to do whatever you feel like.

Spend Some Time in the Sun

Going for a walk on a sunny day can really help to lift your spirits and distract you from anything that is on your mind. That cannot help but slow down the old pulse a bit.