How to Ace a Business Meeting

Most every business meeting is an important event when it comes to both the reputation and prosperity of the company. However, not every employee takes them as seriously as they should. There is a definite amount of preparation involved and, if you are in charge of the meeting, you must possess the ability to keep everything moving along smoothly.

Here are some tips that can help make the whole meeting procedure go more effectively:

Be prepared

Do not to show up for a meeting without having done your homework. You need to know everything that is on the agenda, while also preparing for your part in the discussion. Think about any possible questions that might be asked of you and prepare answers in advance. If you are running the meeting, be clear on everything you need to cover, who will be speaking, how much time they have to speak, and the total length of the meeting. Keep your eye on the clock and try to stay on schedule. If someone is going over time, politely interrupt them and remind the person of the need to tackle everything on the agenda in the time available.

Get your point across clearly

When it comes time for you to speak, do not ramble. Get to the point of what you have to say and be as specific as possible. Also try to answer questions quickly and concisely.

Take notes

If the meeting is not being recorded, it is up to you to take detailed notes and to keep up with what is being said.


Many meetings are about developing action plans. Make sure that you know your part in the plan, the exact particulars of what you will be required to do, and the date on which this task needs to be completed.