Why is Halloween So Popular?

People in the West have been celebrating Halloween for ages and it seems to be more popular than ever. Now, it is easy to understand why October 31st is so popular with the children because anything that involves dressing up and getting free candy will undoubtedly find favour with the small set. But many adults also seem to look forward to Halloween and many of them have a very good time on the day. Why is that?


Most everyone enjoys a party, and Halloween provides an excuse to have particularly wild and inventive ones. Costume parties are always popular and Halloween and encourages us to choose ones that either tend to involve elements of horror, such as ghosts, vampires, or serial killers, or ones that are particularly sexy. While horror and sex are often linked together in literature and movies, the connection as far as Halloween costumes go seems to be little beyond standing out and getting people’s attention in the wildest way possible.

Showing off your dark side

We all have dark sites that we tend to keep hidden away as much as possible. Halloween allows us to adopt a dark and evil persona that does not necessarily have to reflect who we really are. Regardless, it is one way for us to take the dark side and put it on the outside…for one night anyway.

We can playfully indulge in fear

Are you one of those people who just cannot understand why people like to get scared on rollercoasters? Well, then Halloween might not be for you. October 31st provides an excuse for us to fill our homes and our lives with images of fear that, while not necessarily terrifying, does evoke a certain atmosphere of terror. Embracing it in this simple way makes it good, harmless fun.